Blood Elves

Early History

   Exiled from their home, the high elves landed in Lordaeron, hoping to find a new home after countless battles with the trolls. Having used sacred water which was stolen from the first Well of Eternity, they were able to create the Sunwell, which contained potent power. This magic strengthened and nourished the high elves, helping them create the magical city of Silvermoon.

   Silvermoon, protected by magics, was set to enjoy peace for some four thousand years, but like all things, it wouldn't last. Amani trolls had gathered a massive army and attacked the elves. The High elves would strike an alliance with the humans of Arathor because they were widely outnumbered. In the alliance, the high elves taught some of the humans how to use magic, and the humans would help obliterate the trolls for good. Over time the elves returned to their walls and weren't heard from.

   When the third war started, Arthas Menethil brought battle once again to their doorstep. Under the control of the Lich King, he set out for the power of the Sunwell, to revive Kel'Thuzad, a necromancer. After Quel'thalas was invaded, King Anasterian was killed, along with almost all of its population.

   With the power of the Sunwell gone, the high elves began growing ill. The last of the royal line, Prince Kael'thas, who earlier was studying in Dalaran, returned home to find his city in ruins. He began locating survivors, taking a strong group to join Lordaerons fight against the Scourge. Here they would be renamed blood elves, or Sin'dorei in Thalassian. But with the prejudice the humans held, Kael'thas accepted the help of Lady Vashj and the Naga. Later the humans would discover that the blood elves and Naga were working together, leading to the imprisonment of Kael'thas and the others. Lady Vashj would break Kael'thas and the others out, and lead the group into a portal to the Outlands. It was here that Illidan Stormrage would meet Kael'thas, and here that Kel'thas would serve Illidan.

   Rommath, a lone emissary, was sent back, holding a message that announced Kael'Thas would sometime return and lead his people into paradise. With Rommath teaching the elves more advanced techniques on how to manipulate arcane energies, the Sin'dorei began rebuilding their beautiful city of Silvermoon.


Burning Crusade
   Kael'thas would return to Azeroth, at the bidding of Illidan, to seize the Sunwell and use its powers to bring Kil'jaeden to Azeroth. Kael'thas would be killed in the attempt, and with Kil'jaeden's defeat, the prophet Velen, using a Naaru infused with Light, turned it into an arcane and holy energy source.

Average Height

Female: 5' - 5'9   Male: 5'5 - 6'3