On the planet Argus long ago, the Eredar, a magically gifted race, were brought an offer from the Destroyer of Worlds, Sargeras. He offered the power to, Archimonde, Kil'jaeden, and Velen, in exchange for loyalty. Through a vision, Velen saw his people being turned into demons. Archimonde and Kil'jaeden accepted the offer, even though Velen's warnings had been clear. Velen prayed for help, and he was answered by one of the Naaru, energy beings who also had seen, much in the same like Velen, the visions of the Burning Legion. Velen gathered other believers to safety, renaming themselves the Draenei, or "Exiled ones."

   When Sargeras returned, he began transforming Eredar into demons, leaving the escape from Argus difficult. Velen and the survivors had another problem though, as Kil'jaeden took Velen's refusal personally because he'd seen Velen as a brother. Kil'jaeden led the Legion across the universe in pursuit of the Draenei.

   Finally, the Draenei found a remote world in Draenor's "Exiles refuge", where they would meet the orcs.  However, Kil'jaeden continued his relentless search amongst the stars, and in time learned where the group had settled. Ner'zhul, a traitorous orc, would only work with the Legion to an extent, but he did help begin the corruption of the orcs. Kil'jaeden realized this and turned to Gul'dan, who then whipped the orcs into a craze and in turn, this new Horde slaughtered around eighty percent of the Draenei. Draenor would become a war zone, so Velen and some of his followers stole part of the Naaru Fortress, the Exodar, and used this ship to leave the Outlands and look for new allies. They would later crash land in Azeroth.

   After hearing of the victories against the Legion, the Draenei pledged themselves to the Alliance's cause. Velen and the refugees helped play a pivotal role in bringing the invasion of the Outlands to a start. Battling in their former homelands, the Draenei defeated their ancient demonic foe. While some decided to stay and help rebuild their former home, Velen and the others upheld their dedication to the Alliance.

Average Height

Female: 6'10 - 7'5    Male: 7'4 - 8'