Three Dwarven clans, the Bronzebeards, the Wildhammers, and the Dark Irons, lived together in Ironforge under the rule of High King Modimus Anvilmar. After passing from old age, the three clans began attempting to gain control, and the War of the Three Hammers began. It would last for many years, but in time the Bronzebeard clan won control of Ironforge and banished the other clans. In turn, the other two clans began their destiny in Azeroth (it was only during the Cataclysm, with Magni Bronzebeard being turned into Crystal, that the clans began working together once again. The three would rule together, and thus the council of three hammers was born).


   In their mountain home of Ironforge, the dwarves spent most of their time mining for treasures of all kinds. It was rare for the dwarves to venture outside the walls of their mountain fortress, but with the invasion of the orcs on Azeroth, the dwarves joined the Grand Alliance and helped bring victory for their new allies. During the Second War, the dwarves once again stood beside their human allies, the Alliance of Lordaeron.



With the events before the Cataclysm, the dwarven lands were hit hard by disasters. Violent quakes shook the surrounding areas, destroying settlements and killing many innocents along its path. King Magni Bronzebeard underwent a ritual to commune with the earth, but things did not go as planned, and Magni was transformed into a diamond form, becoming part of Ironforge. Moira, the daughter of Magni, who had married into the Dark Irons, came back to Ironforge to claim the throne. It was only because of King Varian and Prince Anduin that another civil war was adverted. Having split the power, the Council of Three Hammers was born.


   Dwarves have traditional Scottish and Irish accents. They share faith in The Light, along with a strong curiosity about the Titans. They are a proud people. The beard of a dwarven man is a matter of pride.

Average Height

Female: 3'9 - 4.5'   Male: 4'3 - 5'