Getting Started:  Addons, Servers, and Where Most People can be Found.

   Getting started is actually pretty easy, but can seem pretty intimidating on the outside. The easiest route, is to download the Twitch app. Why do that? In this desktop application they have a section dedicated to addons in World of Warcraft, plus the installation is automatically taken care of when you download the addons from the app.

   If you're looking for a manual installation route, then this one is for you. First, head on over to (This is the website that is partnered with Twitch, so it's the same database for addons). Head towards the World of Warcraft section of addons, and begin your downloads.
2. Next, open up the file location for World of Warcraft, easily done by right clicking the icon on your desktop and pressing 'Open file location'.
3. After that, you'll click the 'Retail' folder, then the Interface folder which is next the Addons folder.
4. From here you'll drop the folders that you've downloaded into this addon folder, after you have extracted the files (Look for a file extractor on google, they have many free ones).


 1. Total RP 3   ( This is an essential addon so you can view other peoples' profiles. Total RP 3 also gives you a scanner on your map so you can see how many other role players using TRP3 are in your area!)

 2. Emote Splitter  ( This will break down those multi-paragraph emotes and make sure they never get lost in the void. It breaks the character limit on your chat.)

 3. Misspelled  ( This is for anyone who is timid to RP because of spelling. Misspelled will highlight the misspelled words for you and you can right click on it to correct the word's spelling. Don't worry about it saying it's out of date, it'll work.)

 4. Musician  ( This new and fun addon lets you or the people around you be the composer of music. You can import music, or even create it yourself. Ever fancy being in a band, playing at the tavern?)

 5. Total RP 3: Extended  ( Just an extended version for TRP3. It'll add a few new features onto your TRP3 experience and make things a little more interesting with the depth of roleplaying you can achieve.)

6. Cross RP  ( This is essential if you plan on any cross faction role playing.)

7. Dice Master ( D-20 addon that simplifies the combat system of roll based events. Players can track their health and other various roleplaying statues or abilities.)

 While these are the basics, there are a ton more addons that you can search through to create a system and experience that works for you. 


   Currently the server you'll be looking to play on depends on what side you'll choose If you're a NA (North America) server player. (EU, server shown below as well)

Moonguard ( NA ) : This is a RP server with a huge roleplaying population on the Alliance side. Stormwind is incredibly busy at almost all times, so you'll be hard pressed not to find roleplaying here. The busiest part of Stormwind for roleplaying is the Mage Quarters, but you'll find people in Cathedral Square, as well as old town and the walkways near Lions Rest.

Wyrmrest Accord ( NA ) : This is a RP server weighted toward roleplaying on the Horde side. Orgrimmar and Silvermoon are both usually brimming with RP activity. In Orgrimmar, you'll find the role players in The Valley of Honor. Silvermoon, you'll find 90-95% Blood Elves, but you'll find people in the inns, and in the Royal Exchange.

Argent dawn ( EU ): Argent Dawn currently holds a major portion of roleplaying for the EU servers. It's suggested you check here first before deciding if you'd like to switch to NA.

For the most part, most major cities and busy places will have people walking about, and roleplaying. But the capital cities of the Alliance and Horde will always have more people.