The Mechagnomes, who were created by the old gods, or titans, were meant to be helpers and aid in shaping the lands of Azeroth. However, the Curse of Flesh struck, and the afflicted became what is known as the gnome race. Centuries later, discovered by the dwarves, the gnomes provided crucial support for their allies with their weaponry and troops.

   During the Third War against the Legion, the gnomes' home city of Gnomeregan became under siege from an ancient foe, the Troggs. Because of this, the gnomes sent no help to the Alliance but instead decided to stand alone in their fight. To their dismay, the city of Gnomeregan was lost to the Troggs. High Tinker Mekkatorque had the gnomes open valves to their giant machines, which released radiation throughout their home city. While the radiation killed the Troggs, their people were as vulnerable to this radiation as the Troggs. Up to eighty percent of the Gnomes were wiped out that day, with the survivors heading towards Ironforge. While the attack was successful, there was still more to be done to cleanse their homeland.

Average Height

Female: 2'7 - 3'1  Male: 2'9 - 3'3