The goblin race were slaves of the jungle trolls originally. They were the forced laborers that mined the kaja'mite ore from the still volcanic Mount Kajaro. The trolls, who used Kaja'mite for their voodoo rituals, didn't expect what would happen next. The goblins gained a new sense of intelligence, leading to the creation of powerful items of engineering. They soon overthrew their masters and seized Kezan for themselves.

   Soon after, the Kaja'mite effects began to wear off, and so did the great intelligence they had gained. The once-great inventions began taking on haphazard designs, as the ore became rarer to find. The greed of the goblins naturally helped their rise as leaders in mercantilism. The Trade Princes rose to power during the first war, as they took advantage of the war. Kezan had become a port for a fleet of trade ships. By the time the Third War ended, the goblins were providing weapons and other services to both the Alliance and Horde. However, after recent events, the goblins joined the Horde, reforming old alliances, and finding a common enemy against the Alliance.

Average Height

Female:  3' - 3'6   Male:   3'2 - 3'8