Early History

   The titans created Vrykul, a race of blood and flesh, before disappearing. After the passing of time, some of the Vrykul children were born differently, bfflicted with the curse of flesh. Orders from King Ymiron would have all the different children killed, but some spared their children by hiding away from Northrend. These children would form the first human tribes.

   The humans began forming into bigger tribes, such as the Arathi, who in time conquered and united the remaining warring tribes, eventually forming the Empire of Arathor, and the city of Strom, which would eventually come to be known as Stromgarde.


Basic Information

   Humans are persevering, as they have fought back the orcs for many generations. Peace finally seemed possible, but the undead Scourge were unleashed on humans, destroying the Kingdom of Lordaeron. The survivors escaped towards the south, to their allies in Stormwind. Not long after, the Burning Legion began its invasion of Azeroth. King Varian Wrynn stood at the head of Stormwind, and throughout multiple campaigns in Azeroth, including The Lich King, The Cataclysm, the Siege of Orgrimmar, and his last campaign against the Burning Legion during the assault on the Broken Shore. Falling at the Tomb of Sargeras by sacrifice, Varian assigned Genn Greymane, of King of Gilneas, a letter, saying once again, that he must be willing to fight for peace. Anduin Wrynn, son of Varian, succeeded the throne in Stormwind.

Average Height

Female: 4'9 - 6'2    Male: 5'3 - 6'6