Early History

   The peaceful Pandaren of Pandaria were not always at peace. A race called the Mogu waged war among themselves as they fought for power. One known as the Thunder King, Lei Shen, was able to achieve his goal of ruling above the others by eradicating the competition. The stronger he grew, the more Mogu banned together around the Thunder King, doing his work as the enslavement of the Pandaren began. All Mogu believed just as their Master, the Thunder King did, that all lesser races should serve the Mogu.

   It was duriing this time that Lei Shen was able to establish a unified currency, a standard measure and weight, and a single language. With the birth of this language, the first laws in Azeroth were created, written in this same language. As the Mogu saw themselves above all other races, the laws reflect their superiority. The Mogu would be above all others, and insurgents and rebellion starters would be executed publicly.

   The Pandaren had much potential as a people, and because of this, the Thunder King wouldn't trust them. Pandaren were prohibited from learning to read or write, and any leader was killed, as well as their philosophers and historians. Their art and literature were burned, and they were forbidden from using weapons. They were slaves of the Mogu.


Pandaren Revolution

   With the Mogu empire on the brink of collapse, the Pandaren saw an opening to start a rebellion. But with no weapons, they relied on their feet and fists to train the common class and mastered the powers of Chi energy. It was a long and bloody war that crippled both sides, but eventually, the Pandaren rose to victory, overthrowing their former masters, and creating a future for a new generation of monks that would soon come.


Troll Wars

   Around a hundred years later, the Zandalari trolls, attempted to aid their old allies. They struck at the Pandaren empire and won many victories because of their ways of war. The bat riders could attack from the skies, and the Pandaren were helpless until a young Pandaren female named Jiang, befriended a cloud serpent and struck the trolls from the sky. The Troll Wars lasted many years, but eventually, as the fight spilled into the Jade Forest, the Order of the Cloud Serpent, a new group, helped turn the war in the Pandaren's favor.


The Mist

   When the demons invaded Azeroth sending the entire world into a fight for survival, Emperor Shaohao discovered a way to protect his people and his land from this invasion. The lands of Pandaria were covered in an inaccessible mist that would leave ships turning around and lost before being returned to clearer waters. But for the Pandaren, they would believe the rest of the world was lost. With no more threats to their empire, Emperor Shaohao disappeared, leaving the power to the people, and thus making himself the last emperor of Pandaria.


Wandering Isle

   Around eight hundred years before the Dark Portal opened, a Pandaren named Liu Lang, upon the back of Shen-Zin Su, the giant sea turtle, set out to discover what was beyond the wall of mists. Pandaren born with a desire for adventure would eventually join him until he'd gathered a colony upon the back of his massive friend. 


Average Height


Female: 6'4 - 7'    Male: 6'8 - 7'5