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Interactive Pets

You've seen people walking their pets around your city or neighborhood. Out with their furry friend on an adventure or maybe simply to go use the restroom. We all love our pets. So, it's unsurprising when we see someone speaking with their pet in such a loving manner. We also see this in roleplaying. A lot of people might think that Hunters are the only class that this is possible with, but this isn't true, as we all have companion pets.

You see it more these days than previously. Companion pets come in a large variety and can be used by any character regardless of class or race. Something I've found useful when having a companion pet is the interaction between my companion and my character. I'll often sit down in a field of grass or under an apple tree and people watch. Sometimes I'm looking for interaction, while other times just generally interested in reading TRP profiles and watching interaction in Azeroth. I generally use my companion to throw emotes back and forth with, so it can add to the atmosphere of the city and the people walking around. Having your character talk to them-self only goes so far before people start to think your character has a few screws missing upstairs. I've seen magical pets in the cities, speaking with their masters about many things. I've always found it interesting when someone has a good background on their companion (I believe it creates a point of understanding for the reader). We're seeing the banner boy companion more often now. I honestly thought I'd see more of in the cities, but only lately have I been noticing it. Others we see around at times are the floating books or lanterns. I personally love seeing these hovering companions, as they float near their owner. It gives the arcane or magic users a sense of hidden power.

The hunter's pet is a different story altogether. With these pets, we can make them do things, and move places where we command them to go. Why's that important? Well, because it opens another door for interaction with people, your companion, and pets. With a moveable pet, you can stop people or bother people to get someone's attention. You can have your pet lurk around. Also, a lot of people love petting animals. On my hunter, I used to send my eagle to land near people who were sitting alone and looking for contact. It's an easy way to strike up a conversation. With beast mastery, you can have two pets. I haven't attempted this in roleplaying yet, but I find it an interesting prospect in the future for myself.

Another companion we're seeing is the mount companions. It's not as popular since you're not always on a mount. However, it does give it life whenever you are riding from location to location or trotting around the city.

So remember to get out there with your pets! Use their movement availability or cute looks to garner attention for roleplaying and conversation! Isn't that what everyone is doing when they walk their pet in the real world?

Important Patch Notes:

Player versus Player

Ashran team size reduced to 25 (was 40).

"While we work to improve the performance of Ashran, we are temporarily reducing the player count." - Blizzard Entertainment

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