• Han

The Player Bartender

"Can I get you anything to drink?"

We've all heard these words at some point or another when in the taverns. It doesn't matter if you're at Orgrimmar or Stormwind, you've heard it. You're standing around one of the major cities inns. Chatting with your companion or friend, or simply people watching and looking for contact. Then out of nowhere, this unknown incredible person asks if you'd like some drinks or food. You answer with your reply and continue what you were doing for a short while, or until this person returns. Viola, they slid an emote in with some chatter before heading off to another customer.

Who are these people? I've honestly wondered that more times than not when being in taverns. They take time out of their day to role play and serve the community. Yes, they're probably enjoying their interaction with the patrons because why be there if not. But I've often wondered if these people get the credit they deserve for the atmosphere they add to the cities. I haven't found myself doing this thing, possibly because it hasn't interested me. Or maybe I'm just too shy to interact with that many people. Either way, these people are out here doing this amazing work.

I was in Stormwind the other day, maybe two days before this post. I watched a normal fight break out from the second floor. Something that anyone has seen all too often in these places. It didn't bother me because my table was halfway across the room, and I was generally bored and people watching. Watched a female human bartender with only one name on her TRP break up this fight, then send the drunks on their way. INCREDIBLE! I laughed behind my screen, tears slightly forming as I laughed at the random set of events I had witnessed. Another day in Stormwind I suppose.

I bring this all up to simply say, thank you. Whoever these people are, why-ever they find themselves doing this for the role playing community. It's the work of the Moon Goddess, Light, Loa, etc (Lol).. So if you interact with one of these people, make sure and thank them. They're doing a lot and even helping young RPers build confidence. So thank you, Bartenders. This one's for you. Cheers.

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