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Toy Box Azeroth

It was a sunny and dry day like most days in the barrens. He'd walked this path close to a hundred times, a small path now beginning to take shape. A few of the gravestones had been here for quite some time, the lettering had already begun to fade making the names unintelligible. He lit the brazier which sent sparks high into the air, before settling down and emitting a dim glow. He was about to leave his friend's resting place. A small hill that oversaw the lands of his friend's home, but stopped at the worn grave. Reaching into his satchel he removed a small toy he'd found in Orgrimmar. He placed the green stuffed doll in front of the gravestone, hoping that he might bring peace to an unknown fallen hero. Finally, he poured some strong liquor onto the head of the stone before leaving. A strong gust of wind blew through the area, surrounding him and thanking him for visiting. He smiled as he looked back at the graves, nodding that he'd visit again soon.

The Toy Box is a huge part of roleplaying if you remember to use it. In the paragraph above, I mentioned a few of the items I typically use in roleplay. This item which can be created by the Enchanting profession is a key part of ceremonies or communing with the Loa (Troll gods) on Han. Another campfire type toy is Akunda's Firesticks. This toy is unlocked from the Voldunai Emissary Hoarder Jena. If you have a shaman or a lightning wielder and want to start a fire, then this is the toy for you. A couple water-based ones that are incredibly fun to use are Gnarlwood Waveboard and Love Boat. The love boat is a seasonal toy around during the "Love is in the air" event, around Valentine's day. Two people can sit in the boat, so it's fun to have around for conversations on bodies of water. The second water-based toy is the Gnarlwood Waveboard, which can be unlocked by Seafarer's Dubloon. You'll need to do Island Expeditions, but they are fairly simple and worth the time if you want a cool water skimming surfboard that has its practical uses too. My favorite toy, which I unlocked from the Trading Card Game is "War Party Hitching Post". This item lets the player drop a fence (Post) and all other party members can click this fence to summon a horse. It's not much for practical use when you can fly places, but it does look cool and is fun to use with others. You get a certain uniform look of horses, and they are all unsaddled. There are many others like Dazzling Rod, Black Ice, or Silversage Incense which all have fun uses as well.

There are five hundred and seventy-seven (577) toys at the moment in retail, and the count will only continue to grow over the expansions and time. So next time you're roleplaying with others or attempting to get someone's attention, use a toy! Throw a doll in front of their pet. Call lightning down like Thor to start a fire. Or simply sit back on the love seat with a companion and take in the setting sun. Azeroth is your toy box, so don't forget to bring your toys.

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