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Using your surroundings in RP

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

So, you're sitting at the table in one of the major city taverns. A candle is flickering while voices are raised in argument and joy. This is more of a daily occurrence in any tavern. Seeing this before or at least a few hundred times things can get monotonous.

We've all had times of up and downs in RP. Sometimes you're a never-ending supply of content and able to write like Charles Dickens. Other times you're struggling to hold a conversation. Maybe it's because you're not feeling a flow when you write, or because you're very much holding up the one-sided conversation between you and someone else. How do we change things up a bit? How can we get more interaction with things around us? The answer is simple. Open your eyes to the world around you, not just the people who are in it.

Interaction with the world can go a long way. Simple interactions with characters, objects, pets, or even the weather. It's all about changing it up a little, giving others the sense that they were there as they read your emote. For example, as we mentioned earlier, you're at the tavern and sitting at a table. You're looking for something to help engage someone. " He sat down at the table, eyes searching the foggy room. Huffing in exasperation and generally bored. He began running his hand through the flame of the candles, the warmth apparent on his skin. He knew it was only a matter of time before he burnt himself in this state, so he leaned back in his chair. As he relaxed in his seat, his head rolled back slightly, watching the thick smog inside the tavern. He wondered if it ever dissipated or just continued to age up near the roof."

If you're emoting, you're probably trying to tell a detailed story. So be sure to include little things around you. It will help with the atmosphere of your RP, even giving your counterpart more to work with when their emote comes up. Well, what if I'm outside? Even better! Think of the world around you and how much is always going on. Animals, conversations, crying, fear, joy (I've even emoted about a bird's droppings landing on my toons head before). You see these things in the real world, so why wouldn't you see it in RP. When you view characters in TRP3, you can see their at a glance first and the IC section (If they have one). Use that to your advantage when attempting an emote at someone. It's something that they'll notice if they're looking for RP, or just people watching around a city.

Now it doesn't always make sense to do this. If you're crunched on time, or if you're in a group of people. ' /s ' is still your best bet within those groups. The conversations ebb and flow quickly in that format, so you will want to keep it short to quickly add your two cents in. If you're emoting with more than a few people, just make sure everyone has their turn. Think of it as a circle where everyone gets their post before it returns to the start. You don't want to be that person who always cuts everyone off. Wait, listen, learn.

Everyone loves a good storyteller. Someone interesting who can keep your mind off the struggles of the real world, or keep your mind in that far away place in Azeroth. So, remember to think about your surroundings. The atmosphere, the people, the weather. All these little things can add up and help the details of the emotes you post. You'll go from sitting in a tavern. To sitting in a semi-dark, smoggy, and overloud tavern with too many people in such a tight space. Others will feel this and see this with their mind's eye.

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