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What, Who, and Why

It's interesting sitting here, writing this, and thinking of the process of events that brought me here. While trying to stay on track and ignore My Hero Academia battles going on in the background, I write this. What is this website you've birthed into this world? It's simple, I've loved World of Warcraft since I was in the seventh grade. That fateful day, I pointed out a new icon I hadn't noticed before. My friend clicked it, it opened, and I saw a Night Elf for the first time. His character was level fourteen (out of sixty, but I wouldn't care or know about this for a while). I asked if I could make a character and created my first Night Elf in efforts to try this foreign game. This event would shift my life of gaming forever.

I started roleplaying ten years ago. Randomly walking around my server, looking for something more out of World of Warcraft, I noticed two dwarves were roleplaying in Ironforge. This scene was shocking to me. Not because some weird event was happening, but because I realized this is what I was looking for. Now it wasn't until nearly half a year later that I would join a guild with a generous guild master. In time, he would teach me the basics of roleplaying. Sadly the guild didn't last longer than a few weeks, however, I'd gleaned enough to spread my wings.

Now let's speed up to the present day. There are many things I noticed over the years and I finally decided, much like my first guild master did for me, I wanted to help young roleplayers get started and tackle the seemingly overwhelming world of roleplaying. If you can't find it, then why not make that place yourself? Make a place where people who love roleplaying in World of Warcraft can gather and not have to sift through the forums. Where information can easily be found and connections with other roleplayers created.

The who? Not the band. Me. I go by Han. I created this site, and with the help and support of Voine, we were able to put something together we both loved. As I've previously stated, I'm a ten-year role player in World of Warcraft, who loves long walks along the streets of Stormwind, through the Mages Quarter, and occasionally can be found downing a pint of ale from the Blue Recluse. Wait, what? If I'm being honest, I enjoy long walks anywhere in World of Warcraft.

The why. Well, that's fairly simple. I was tired of scrolling through pages trying to locate information about the history of the Alliance and Horde. Why was it always a struggle to find events the public was holding on the forums? Here I hope to help clear that up. Our site will be a place where role players can easily connect and gather, no matter guild or affiliation. People can meet other role players outside of World of Warcraft, so they might find storylines to join or write together. You need not feel shy here or intimidated by someone's TRP before you meet them. That's my goal. An environment where new people can learn the basics of roleplaying. A community of role players composed of like-minded groups and individuals.

(Important information)

Finally, let me give you a little heads up on how we'll be posting for a while. We'll be posting new articles weekly, we'll drop those on Wednesday, a day after patch articles have come out. If there is anything important, it'll be in the weekly article, along with a fresh topic from the roleplaying community. If you'd like to chat with us, just send us a message through the chat box, and we'll get back as soon as possible. Or if you'd like to share an ale in World of Warcraft, let us know!

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