What is Roleplaying?

       As you enter Azeroth for the first time and set out for adventures unknown, you may have noticed characters having conversations between one another, or even in large groups around various cities. If you're so inclined to continue watching these groups, you'd notice that they weren't talking about what they're making for dinner, or how their pet had an accident in the house. Those role players were actually in character, speaking on things happening in their world of roleplaying.
      When one assumes the role of their character and begins seeing World of Warcraft through the eyes of their toon, that's roleplaying. It's like going through a portal or slipping away into a dream reality. One can forget their worldly troubles and assume a new identity. That's not to say that there isn't a fair share of drama, created and sometimes not created, for use in storylines. However, the companions you meet and the friendships you'll share are living relationships, just like in the outside world. So be sure and stay in contact.


      The adventures you'll find in roleplay are about as deep as a library containing all the books in the world. Ideas are endless, and the various events and storylines you can find yourself mixed up in span countless directions. The only limit is your imagination.