Setting up Your T RP and Adding Little Details

   After installing the Addons, you're ready to get started. TRP 3 will show up as an icon near your mini map in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Simply click on the icon and the interface for TRP 3 and it will pop up. Hit the red 'Edit' button which will bring you to the screen where you can begin bringing your character to life.

(Characteristics Tab)

Names and Titles

 Here you'll see many options, but lets begin with a name. ( If you don't have one, you can always visit our name generator!  insert link within that bubble)  After that you can choose a title if you'd like, which will inform people a bit more about your toon and how they should refer to you in character.

Characteristics / Directory Information

 This section is pretty self explanatory. There isn't exact art in deciding what information to supply. You can keep it vague, instead of putting a numerical age, just put "young adult", or "adult". Your class can be anything you want it to be, from the normal classes you're given, to shapeshifters, or arcane battle mages. It's really up to you and what type of roleplaying you're into. Next it's time to pick a name color. You can do this by finding the little box next to Class. Go through and play with that until you find a color you like, but make sure you can actually read the name. Sometimes the names will be too dark or too bright. Also, make sure and set your eye color description to the color of your toon's eyes. It looks nice when the two match and lets others clearly understand this physical attribute of you toon.
 Next to Birthplace and Residence, you'll notice the little home icons to the right of it. If you're in the location of where you'd like to set these, or one of these, just click the icon next to that space and boom, it's set. You can also manually do this by clicking on the empty space and typing.

Additional Information

 In this section you can add little things about your toon. For example, a nickname, or piercings, or even tattoos. It's a good way to incorporate unique details on your character when you're putting together your TRP. Or if you're anything like me, you can add these things along your path of roleplaying. They even have a 'create new' marker which allows you to add your own original ideas such as scars, pets, etc..


Personality Traits

 Here we can add little quick glance details on your toon's personality. While most people will read your TRP, having a few traits that people can quickly look at helps give them a feel for what you might be like.

About Tab

 In this area you'll be able to write out a detailed description of your toon (if you're not quite sure about what to put, read other peoples TRPs and get a feel for the different styles). You'll have three templates to choose from, and they each have their own appeal. Find the template that you'd like and from there you can begin your about page. Template one is just one page where you can space things yourself. With Template two, you can create your own frames and designs. Template three provides three sections already set up for you. Physical description, Personality Traits, and History. You can change the icons next to the names and even the background (but make sure it's readable, some of the backgrounds don't mesh well with the colors and make it hard to read, even if you change the font color. Play around with it until you find what you like). A little feature that's interesting and fun allows you to add a music theme. Just right click on some of the music to give a sample listen, then left click when choosing the theme you like.

Miscellaneous Tab


At First Glance

 Here we'll add little things that people notice first when looking at your character. You can mix it up a bit, put something about your weapons, or your aura that your character has. You can even describe if your character is jumpy or skittish by the way their eyes dart around. They're also fun to look at if you're just people watching and clicking on people to glance at them.


 Currently (Ic) = Currently what is going on with your character, in character. So if you're exploring the city you can put that here, or if you're just people watching you can put that here.

 Other information (OOC) = Any other information that you might want people to know about you out of character. So, maybe like me, you're the type to roleplay in paragraphs and multi paragraphs. If so, put that in there. If you like people walking up to you, put that in there. Check out other peoples' and then decide what you think is important for your character to put in.

Roleplay Style

 Here we'll set some basic details. You can either choose to put these up or not by either clicking your choice, or just leaving it on ' Do not show'. You can glance through it and quickly do it in a minute or two, if you so choose.


 This is just a simple area that you can put dates or notes about people you meet. You'll have one for your own character, and for any character when you're looking at their TRP. These are strictly for you, so no one else see them.