The peaceful Tauren inhabited the plains of the Barrens for untold generations, seeking knowledge and wisdom from their god, the Earth Mother. While the Tauren were split into many tribes, they had a common enemy in the centaur. Half horse and half humanoid, these simple horse men tormented the area of central Kalimdor. With the continued onslaught from the centaur, the Tauren were struggling to survive. The food and game of the area were all taken or ran off, so Chieftain Cairne Bloodhoof found allies in Thrall and the orcs.

   Together Cairne and Thrall were able to push the centaur back, finally claiming the plains of Mulgore. For hundreds of years, the Tauren had not had a place to call home besides the open plains of their nomadic treks. Cairne united the tribes and created Thunder Bluff, a home and refuge for all his people.

   Owing a debt to the orcs, the Tauren joined Thrall at Mount Hyjal to defend from the invasion of the Burning Legion. With the defeat of the Burning Legion, the Tauren returned to their new home, the open lands of Mulgore. All Tauren were welcome under Cairne's rule, a rule that would be of harmony and peace and all agreed, except the Grimtotem. The Grimtotem believed it was their right to rule the inferior races, and Magatha, their matriarch, should rule the Tauren. The Grimtotem were the only tribe that did not join Cairne and the Horde.



   The Tauren were able to live in the grasslands of Mulgore for years until the war in Northrend against the Lich King. Cairne Bloodhoof saw recklessness in Garrosh Hellscream, who Thrall had had just named the new Warchief. A challenge of Mok'gora (duel) was given to Garrosh, but the battle was tainted from the start. Magatha, of the Grimtotem, poisoned Garrosh's weapon, saying she had blessed it. Cairne was injured and because of the poison, Garrosh was able to end him.

   Magatha's plan was going accordingly as the Grimtotem lay siege to Thunder Bluff and captured the capital for their own. Baine Bloodhoof, the son of Cairne, managed to escape the assassins that the Grimtotem had sent, and was able to capture his city of Thunder Bluff back. Baine, tired of all the bloodshed, decided to banish the Grimtotem from Mulgore.

   Baine, knowing of the dishonor and murder of his father, continued to serve Garrosh and the Horde. Because of his father's death, Baine took up leadership of the Tauren in Mulgore.


Additional information


   Tauren are tribal and nomadic people by nature, so worship of their ancestors and spirits is a normal part of their culture. While Tauren are huge, most are quite pleasant or timid. You won't find many with accents, but they do have their own deity, the Earth Mother.

Average Height


Female: 7' - 8'8   Male: 7'2 - 9'