Sylvanas Windrunner, The Banshee Queen, led a group of undead who had freed themselves from the control of the Lich King when he lost some of his power in the Third War. With their new freedom, the forsaken captured the Undercity from the Dreadlords of the Burning Legion. As there would always be some seeking to fight them, like the Scarlet Crusade, Sylvanas dispatched a number of emissaries to the factions in search of new allies. With the blessing of Archdruid Hamuul Runetotem, Warchief Thrall forged an alliance between the Horde and the forsaken. Thrall would get his foothold in the Eastern Kingdom, and the forsaken would have a greater chance at survival. Their city, which is situated under the former bastion of Lordaeron, spreads out into the surrounding forests, a maze of tunnels and rooms all deep in the earth beneath Tirisfal Glades.

  Even with a new home established, Sylvanas is seen as a threat by others and her very own people. The number of forsaken dwindle as the days pass, but Sylvanas still searches for something to help her people.

Average Height


Female: 4'5 - 6'2   Male: 5'3 - 6'6