The Vulpera are a fox race who live in the deserts of Vol'dun.  For generations they've made a home in the sands, learning how to survive with little to nothing, at times having to scavenge. Their homes, typically burrows that they themselves dug near travel routes, allow them to catch passing caravan. In fact, most vulpera travel in caravan groups, always on the road trading for more information or supplies from other travelers or steads.

   For many years the fox people of the Vulpera lived in harmony with the Sethrak, a race of snake-like people living in the dunes of Vol'dun. But in time Korthek, a leader of the Sethrak, grew zealous and began trying to release, C'Thrax Mythrax the Unraveler in an attempt to overwhelm neighboring Zandalar and conquer it. In this pursuit of authority, Korthek started enslaving the Vulpera, even selling their children for profit in his quest for power.

   While Korthek's servants are hostile towards the Vulpera, not all Sethrak carry animosity for their neighbors, and the two often trade.