The history of the Worgen was rife with speculation for some time until more recent events had suggested that their origin came from the Night Elves and a secret druidic order of the past. The order followed Goldrinn, the ancient guardian, also known as Lo'Gosh to the Horde members. The curse originated from this group, as they shapeshifted into the Worgen. However, they eventually lost their sanity to its primal nature. The Night Elves locked away this magic, putting them into an eternal slumber beneath a tree. Two people at two different places started poking around the curse. Velinde Starsong began tampering with the Scythe of Elune which in turn summoned these Worgen to fight the Burning Legion. She later would disappear from history as she traveled to meet Archmage Arugal.

   Archmage Arugal could be seen as the first to verify the appearance of the Worgen in the Eastern Kingdom during the Third War. He used the Worgen as a weapon against the Scourge, but the weapons would soon turn against him. The curse began spreading at an alarming rate among the humans, turning normal people into feral beasts. Archmage Arugal took many of the Worgen and withdrew to the mansion of the former Baron Silverlaine, presently known as Shadowfang Keep. However, the curse wasn't contained. It moved swiftly through Silverpine and even into the Great nation of Gilneas, only to send the walled-off city into an epidemic.

   Trapped inside their walled city of Gilneas, the citizens retreated into the deepest parts of the city, at its heart, hoping to hold off the shadows lurking beyond their barricades. Some Gilneans clung to the hope of finding a cure for their curse while others broke down and gave in, the fear of turning against their friends after losing their humanity just one barricade breach away.

Average Height (In Worgen Form)

Female: 6'9 - 7'4   Male: 7' - 7'7